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Class Action Topics: Insurance Fraud

Insurance Fraud Attorney

Chicago Health Insurance Fraud Attorneys Holding the Insurance Company Accountable

When you purchase an insurance policy and pay your premiums on a regular basis, you expect that when trouble strikes, the insurance company will live up to its responsibilities. You rely on them to cover the majority of your loss if you get sick, are involved in a car accident or have another legitimate claim. You also expect that your insurance company will not reject valid claims or commit insurance fraud by selling you a policy and then not living up to their obligations.

Unfortunately, insurance companies and adjusters are not always looking out for your best interests. These companies are primarily concerned with their own bottom lines, and this can lead to customers being mistreated and claims being mishandled. At the law firm of Quantum Legal LLC, in Chicago, our attorneys have been involved in many cases of insurance fraud and bad faith insurance claims against companies such as Allstate, Aetna, Farmers Insurance, 21st Century and others. As class action lawyers who serve clients in Illinois and across the United States, we believe in standing up for consumer rights and providing a strong voice for those who have been wronged.

If you believe that you are the victim of insurance fraud or other bad faith insurance practices, contact us and tell us your story. Learn about your rights and what Quantum Legal LLC can do to help you hold your insurance company accountable.

Group Health and Automobile Insurance Fraud

At Quantum Legal LLC, we have been involved in class action lawsuits and complex litigation to confront insurance fraud throughout the country. There are many ways that insurance fraud can occur, including:

  • Group health and out-of-network charges: One way health insurance companies have defrauded their policyholders is by forcing patients to pay more for out-of-network care than they should have paid according to their policies. These companies may purposely underestimate how much certain procedures cost, which leaves patients to pay the large discrepancy.
  • Automobile insurance and Med Pay: Most drivers who live in "no fault" states are required by law to purchase either Personal Injury Protection or Med Pay coverage. This coverage is intended to cover any medical treatment resulting from car accidents, regardless of who is at fault. When insurance companies pay less than what is required for medical care, they may be defrauding their policyholders.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in the litigation of insurance fraud cases and work hard to hold insurance companies responsible when they deny claims or only pay part of claims that should be paid in full.

Contact Quantum Legal LLC for Nationwide Insurance Fraud Representation

If your insurance company has failed to live up to the language of your policy, you deserve to have your rights protected. Contact us to report any instance of fraud or deception on behalf of your insurance company. Send us an e-mail or call us anywhere in the country, toll free, at 866-779-9610 to get started.

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